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Nothing But Ugly Girls!

Let’s go back 5, 10, 20, and maybe for some of you 30 years or more. Remember those days of trying to find that prom date? You wanted that knock out! One that will make your buddies proud. Did you get her? Or were you one of the ones who refused to get prom photos taken because you didn’t want your kids to see Ugly Jackie who sat beside you in chemistry class? Me, I was lucky enough to take my beautiful wife and couldn’t have been prouder! That’s a different story for a different time. The reason I bring that memory(good or bad) up is because this is exactly what the Miami Dolphins are going through at this exact moment. We asked Manning, the hottest single girl in the school, but she declined after leading us on. Then we thought we’d ask Flynn, the cute girl that was a little quiet, but Seattle just swooped her up(must have had a limo ride lined up). So now we are stuck. It’s down to the uglies!

Today Miami had a meeting with Alex Smith. Yes! The Alex Smith. The one who San Francisco did not believe in until Harbaugh came on to the scene. While Smith had a good year last year, his career numbers are what bothers me.

In 70 career games, Alex Smith had 1,137 completions on 1,959 attempts which equals out to a completetion percentage of 58.0 pct. He threw 68 touchdowns and 58 interceptions. His TD pct was 3.5 while his INT pct was 3.0 with a QB rating of 76.4.

Then there is David Garrard. He missed the entire 2011 season after a disappointing 2010 season. In the middle of his career he did shine in certain spots leading the Jaguars to the playoffs. His large stature and running ability was a plus in his prime. Right now, I’m not certain he can be the Garrard of 2007.

His career stats in 86 games are: 1,406 completions on 2,281 attempts which equals a completion percentage of 61.6. He threw for 89 touchdowns and 54 interceptions. His TD pct was 3.9 and INT pct was 2.4. Career QB rating was 85.8. Unfortunately right now, his stats look good compared to our QBs of the past.

Those 2 lead me to Matt Moore, whom I was a big fan of last season. Matt Moore looked very comfortable in the pocket and made great throws. The only problem is he couldn’t come back in the 4th quarter. Every Fin fan last year could not believe the regime would bring in Matt Moore as a backup, but his playing was instrumental to the 6 wins the Dolphins had.

Matt Moore’s career stats are as follows: 35 games with 437 completions on 739 attempts, and a fair completion pct of 59.1. Moore threw 32 TDs and 26 INTs. He also had an impressive 4.3 TD percentage and a 3.5 INT percentage. A mediocre QB rating of 80.1 which needs improvement if he wants to be a solid starter in the NFL.

I laid those 3 out for this…..a comparison to Chad Henne. I was a huge Henne supported after his first start against Buffalo on Oct. 4 of 2009. I remember the date well because my first trip to the now Sun Life Stadium was that day. Henne seemed to have it all. Poise in the pocket, great read on the defense, and accuracy on the ball. He followed up that game on the national stage against the New York Jets in a last second thriller. In the post game press conference, Rex Ryan stated, “we made that quarterback look like Dan Marino”. After that, it was downhill from there. Henne had a huge regression from 2009 to 2010. Here are his career stats.

In 36 games Henne had 646 completions on 1,065 attempts. His completion percentage was 60.7. Here is the kicker….31 TDs with 37 INTs. He had the lowest TD pct of the four on this list with 2.9%. He was tied with Moore for the highest INT pct with 3.5%. His QB rating was the worst with a 75.7.

The reason I decided to go on this rant is because it seems the Dolphins are headed towards mediocrity this season. Hopefully Joe Philbin can work up a great game plan with his west coast offensive approach. Reggie Bush and Davone Bess should have great years in the flat and the slot. I still have hope for Clyde Gates and Charles Clay. My biggest hope is a talented QB that can make the throws! 2012 is raising a lot of questions and in 6 months we’ll have our answers.


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